We are Valeria and Leslie Cook, together we develop this small company dedicated to designing trips and special experiences. Since 1992 we work in ecotourism: we started developing new ventures in El Calafate in Estancia Alice (El Galpón del Glaciar); and between 2004 and 2016 we worked with Douglas Tompkins to shape his vision of Rincón del Socorro. From 2006 we formed a team with the valuable contribution of our partner Ana Laura R.E. who organizes and carries out our ideas in a real and possible way; she creates the link between our programs and those who want to live them.

The best thing of all these years in the wetlands has been to meet so many personalities of the Iberá. The native inhabitants of these lands treasure values and customs closely related to their environment; these should not be lost.

Our dream is to show the rich Iberian culture by the hand of its inhabitants and show the world the exuberant biodiversity of the wetlands. We believe that with the support of our visitors, the conservation of the Iberá is possible and its culture will endure over time.